Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme (ISP) 2024

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Aga Khan Foundation’s International Scholarship Programme (ISP) 2024 deadline for the submission of completed applications is 31 March 2024.

His Highness the Aga Khan created the International Scholarship Program (ISP) of the Aga Khan Foundation. The ISP seeks to assist talented, exceptional students from poor nations who lack other financial support in pursuing full-time postgraduate study at respectable higher education institutions of their choice.

Selection Standards

The following requirements must be met by applicants in order to be considered for the programme:

  1. high educational rating.
  2. genuine need for funds. Financial aid is given in accordance with the needs of the students, however the ISP should only be used as a last resort. Applications must show that they have looked into and secured a variety of financing sourcesThe amount of other grants, loans (if any), parental contribution, and student work income must all be subtracted from the eligible student expenditures in order to calculate the specific award funding requirement. All students are urged to look into other funding options in an effort to lower the amount they ask the Foundation for.
  3. acceptance into a reputable postgraduate university. Although applications for PhD studies are taken into consideration, master's degree programmes are given preference in the programme. If the course quality is upheld, local/regional institutions and remote learning programmes are acceptable for ISP financing.
  4. Strong work experience, extracurricular successes, volunteerism, and leadership abilities.

Process of Applying for Aga Khan Foundation’s International Scholarship

A competitive application process is used to choose the award winners each year. Currently, the following countries have access to the ISP: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada*, Egypt, France*, India, Kenya, Kyrgyz Republic, Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan, Portugal*, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda, and the USA*. Applications from those who are natives of one of the aforementioned developing countries, are interested in studies relevant to development, and have no other means of financing their education are accepted in Canada, France, Portugal, and the USA [*Note].

A national of one of the aforementioned nations must be the applicant. Interested parties must communicate with the appropriate country-based entity as applications are handled by local organisations (contact details provided below).For instance, candidates living in India must apply through the local office there, while candidates living in Kenya must apply through the local office there, and so on. Only the qualified nationalities stated above who reside in a nation with a local Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), Aga Khan Education Services (AKES), or Aga Khan Education Board (AKEB) office that processes applications and conducts interviews are eligible to apply to the Foundation.

The ISP must be viewed as a lender of last resort, hence priority is given to applicants who have been successful in obtaining funds from other sources.To keep the amount requested from the Foundation to a minimum, applicants are urged to make every attempt to secure support from other sources. The following list of additional scholarships and financial aid programmes, while not comprehensive, may be of interest to applicants.

Young professionals under 30 years old are given preference.

Applications for short-term courses, postgraduate students who have already started their studies, and students enrolled in part-time programmes are all not taken into consideration.

Timelines for applications Aga Khan Foundation’s International Scholarship

In January 2023, the next application period will start. The completed applications must be submitted by 17 March 2023. Students who are interested in applying must get in touch with the local office because application requirements, deadlines, and paperwork can change depending on where you are from.

Applications must be sent in its entirety to the organisation where the ISP application form was obtained. Applications that are submitted late or in part won't be approved.

Applicants may be questioned by local scholarship committees regarding their financial situation, academic performance, extracurricular accomplishments, and career goals.

An international selection panel makes the final judgements in July because this is a worldwide, competitive award. The results of applications will be communicated to those who advance to the final, international round shortly after.

Requirements of Aga Khan Foundation’s International Scholarship

The ISP grants are split 50/50 between grants and loans (i.e. 50 percent of the award amount needs to be paid back by the applicant). Scholarships for master's degree programmes are provided for the entire length of the programme. Scholarships are given to PhD students for the first two years; following that, students are expected to secure funding from other sources.

The amount of the loan is subject to a five percent annual cumulative service charge. The loan agreement must also have the signature of the student's family head or another guarantor.

The five-year repayment period begins six months after the earliest of the following occurrences: a) graduation, b) the end of studies, or c) the cessation of support due to a failure to satisfy the academic requirements required of ISP students. A moratorium is also available to those who continue their education after completing an ISP-funded programme. Graduates are eligible for a two-year moratorium if they continue working in a developing nation.

The student's living costs and tuition are covered by the grant. The prize does not pay for the cost of international travel or family members' living expenses.

Contacts by Nation for Obtain Applications 

Please use the email or postal address associated with the nation in which you now reside. If your country does not have an email address listed, the programme is not accessible there.

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