Fully Funded Aziz Foundation Scholarship Application For 2024/ 2025 ARE NOW OPEN

Last Updated on 2024 February 15

 Fully Funded  Scholarship  for British Muslims to study at UK universities 2024 (Aziz Foundation)

The Scholarships Programme proudly announces the availability of 100% tuition fee Masters scholarships tailored to support British Muslims in their pursuit of higher education at esteemed UK universities. These scholarships are meticulously designed for individuals aspiring to advance their careers while catalyzing positive change within their communities and beyond. We cordially invite applications from individuals who embody a steadfast dedication to:

Effective Advocacy and Enhancing Public Perception

  • Fostering better representation and active participation of Muslims in civil society to counteract Islamophobia and foster a constructive perception of British Muslims.

Community Service and Social Development

  • Elevating aspirations and standards within British Muslim communities to foster sustainable growth and prosperity.

The primary objective is to empower emerging leaders who exhibit an unwavering commitment to community upliftment and possess the capability to lead and inspire in their respective domains.

Please note: These scholarships are exclusively available to applicants eligible for Home Fees status in the UK. Therefore, applications from international students will not be considered.

Subject Areas

Furthermore, scholarships will be conferred upon British Muslims with pertinent experience and a resolute dedication to advancement in the following fields:

  • Media & Journalism: Advocates for diversity in media, striving for fair and accurate reporting.

  • Technology: Innovators employing technology to devise groundbreaking solutions for society's most pressing challenges.

  • Sustainability/Environment: Champions at the forefront of the battle to safeguard our planet and ensure a secure future for generations to come.

  • Law: Aspirants poised to excel in the legal realm, particularly those envisioning judicial roles (excluding conversion courses).

  • Policy: Individuals passionate about shaping public policy in the UK to ensure equity and responsiveness to the needs of British Muslim communities (excluding Health Policy).

  • Arts & Culture: Creative minds influencing public discourse, especially concerning Muslims and Islam, through diverse mediums.

  • Sports: Enthusiasts committed to sporting excellence and capable of making substantial contributions to the industry through administration and management.

  • Grantmaking and Philanthropy: Individuals presently or intending to work in the third sector, Trusts, and Foundations, to guide grantmaking and philanthropic endeavors.

Please note: Applications for science, health policy, or mathematics courses will not be accepted.


Fully Funded Aziz Foundation Scholarship 2024 /2025 Applications closing date of FIRST CYCLE will be , 28 MARCH 2024. 12 noon

Universities and Courses Eligible for Fully Funded Aziz Foundation Scholarship 2024

So far, 42 institutions have joined the Aziz Foundation Preferred Partner scheme and met the admission requirements.

Only candidates pursuing Masters degrees at the institutions listed below will be considered for scholarships. All courses in the eligible subject areas are available at institutions where specific courses are not specified.

  • Aberystwyth University
    • Aston University
    • Birkbeck, University of London
    • Bournemouth University (see list of eligible courses)
    • Brunel University London (see list of eligible courses)
    • City, University of London – Department of Journalism & Bayes, Centre for Charity Effectiveness philanthropy courses)
    • Coventry University (see list of eligible courses)
    • De Montfort University
    • Eden Project Learning (Cornwall College Group)
    • Glasgow Caledonian University (see list of eligible courses)
    • Goldsmiths, University of London (excluding: MRes, MPhils)
    • Jesus College, University of Oxford
    • Keele University
    • King’s College London
    • Kingston University London
    • The University of Law
    • London South Bank University (see list of eligible courses)
    • Manchester Metropolitan University (see list of eligible coursesYou must be an offer holder prior to award for this scheme)
    • Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MA Islam and Sustainable Development only)
    • Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge
    • Northumbria University
    • SOAS, University of London (excluding Intensive Language courses)
    • University of Birmingham 
    • UCL – IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society
    • UCL – Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences
    • University of Bradford
    • University of Essex
    • University of Exeter
    • University of Hertfordshire (see list of eligible courses)
    • University of Greenwich
    • University of Liverpool
    • The University of Manchester: School of Arts, Languages & Cultures (see list of eligible courses)
    • University of Nottingham (excluding: MRes, MPhil and MBAs)
    • University of St Andrews (excluding: MRes, MPhil, MFAs) 
    • University of Salford (see list of eligible courses)
    • The University of Sheffield (see list of ineligible courses)
    • University of Stirling
    • University of Sunderland (see list of eligible courses)
    • University of Sussex (excluding: Online courses, Institute of Development Studies courses)
    • University of Warwick
    • University of Westminster
    • University of Winchester
    • University of York
    • Wolfson College, University of Cambridge

    Click here to view Preferred partner universities 

    Scholarships from Organizations

    Aziz Foundation currently have the following institutional partners in addition to our preferred partners. Scholarship applications must be submitted DIRECTLY to the following institutions:

    Criteria for Application

    Applicants must satisfy all of the following criteria:

    • Eligibility for Home fees status
    • Active engagement within a Muslim community, demonstrating a nuanced understanding of issues impacting British Muslim communities
    • Demonstrated long-term commitment to community and societal development within Britain
    • Articulation of how the chosen course will enhance effectiveness in one of the following areas pertaining to British Muslims:
      • Effective Advocacy and Enhancement of Public Perception: Facilitating improved representation and contribution of Muslims to civil society, countering Islamophobia, and fostering positive perceptions of British Muslims.
      • Community Service and Social Development: Elevating aspirations and standards within British Muslim communities.

    Additional Sub-Criteria

    Candidates should also possess:

    • Excellent comprehension of their chosen industry and pathways for advancement within it, supported by relevant prior experience and/or accomplishments in the field
    • Understanding of how the course will enable them to generate social impact

    Means Testing and Zakat Eligibility for Aziz Foundation Scholarship

    The Aziz Foundation prioritizes scholarships for candidates who can demonstrate an inability to afford all or part of the tuition fees for their proposed Masters course.

    These scholarships are disbursed as Zakat. Applicants will need to self-assess their Zakat eligibility using Islamic Relief and/or NZF Zakat calculators as an indicator.

    Applicants must demonstrate their inability to self-fund their course. The Foundation will apply the following test to determine financial means:

    • Information regarding secondary schools attended, serving as an important social indicator
    • Amount of student debt
    • Financial circumstances, including caring responsibilities, dependents, and existing commitments, provided on the application form
    • Whether the applicant is the first in their family to pursue Higher Education
    • Utilization of government data such as the Department for Levelling Up’s Index for Multiple Deprivation (IMD) and Office for Students’ (OfS) place-generated data and social indices to gauge rates of social mobility and deprivation

    Obligations and Paying Forward

    Recipients must undertake at least one of the following:

    • Participation in widening participation schemes at the host institution
    • Volunteering with a community or civil society organization (facilitated by the Foundation)
    • Acting as a mentor post-graduation through the Foundation or university’s mentoring scheme

    Application Process

    Applications are submitted online and include inquiries about previous education, work experience, financial means, a statement of no more than 1,000 words addressing the Foundation’s criteria, and the names of two referees.

    Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview lasting 30-45 minutes, exploring topics such as challenges facing British Muslims, visions for change, personal qualities for success, and financial barriers.

    Key Dates

    The assessment and awards process will occur in two cycles in 2024:

    • Cycle 1

      • Application dates: 15th Jan from 11 am – 28th March, 12 noon
      • Interview dates: Feb-April
      • Award dates: Mid-May
    • Cycle 2

      • Application dates: 2nd April from 11 am – 14th June, 12 noon
      • Interview dates: May-July
      • Award dates: Late July

    Applications for 2024/25 will open in January. The earliest course start considered is June 2024. For courses starting between June-August 2024, applicants must apply during Cycle 1. Otherwise, their application will not be considered. For courses starting from September 2024, applicants may apply in either cycle. Each applicant may apply only once per year (either in Cycle 1 or Cycle 2, but not both).


    For inquiries regarding the entry process, contact the Aziz Foundation via email at scholarships@azizfoundation.org.uk or by calling 020 7432 2467.

    Click here to view application guidelines 


    Source -  https://www.azizfoundation.org.uk/scholarships-application/

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