DEADLINE : March 08, 2023
Area of study : Post graduate (masters)
Who can apply :   Sri lanken 
Scholarship type :   Fully funded
Number  of scholarships available: 55
Place : India
AGE Limits - 18 to 30
Fields of study - list
Gender - Male / Fmale 
Application Fee Required -no  


Under the above scholarship scheme, applications are invited from eligible Sri Lankans for the awarding of 55 postgraduate scholarships for Masters Degrees offered by the Government of India.

01. Field of Study: 

Maulana Azad Scholarship Scheme -  Engineering, Science and Agriculture courses

 Nehru Memorial Scholarship Scheme - Engineering, Science, Business, Economics, Commerce, Humanities and Arts,

Engineering/Science students can only apply for one scheme, either the Maulana Azad Scholarship Scheme or the Nehru Memorial Scholarship Scheme.

The ICCR scholarship council does not arrange admission to Medical/Paramedical (Nursing/Physiotherapy/Anesthesia, for example) Fashion Design/Law programmes.

02. Medium - English  

03. Eligibility requirements in general:

a) Must be a Sri Lankan citizen.

b) A Bachelor's degree from a recognized university is required. c) You must be under 45 years old on March 08, 2023.

C) A Bachelor's Degree in the relevant field of study from a recognised university is required.

(d) If the applicant is a government sector employee, their applications should be submitted through the Head of the institute, while other applicants can submit their applications directly.

03. Field of Study:

Maulana Azad Scholarship Scheme -  45 scholarships available

 Engineering, Science and Agriculture courses.

Nehru Memorial Scholarship Scheme - 10  scholarships available

Engineering, Science, Business, Economics, Commerce, Humanities and Arts,

Only one scholarship programme, the Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship Program or the Nehru Memorial Scholarship Program, is open to Engineering (BE/B. Tech) applicants.

The ICCR Scholarship Council does not arrange admission to Medical/Dental/Paramedical (Nursing, Physiotherapy, Anesthesia)/Fashion Design programmes. The field of study chosen at the outset will not be changed under any circumstances.

04. Award Circumstances

The scholarship programmes cover full tuition fees for the duration of the course, as well as a monthly stipend and an annual grant for books and stationery. Aside from several other auxiliary benefits, airfare to the nearest destination in India and an annual grant for educational tours to various parts of the country are also provided. Selected candidates will also be provided with a hostel on the respective campus.

05. Special notes: 

a) The conditions for awarding the scholarship outlined in this notification may change without notice based on the criteria imposed by Indian authorities.

b) Scholarship recipients would attend higher education institutes recognised by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka.

c) If a student declines the offer after the selection process, he or she will not be considered for any of the Ministry of Education's scholarships.

d) If a student has already been nominated for one of the Ministry's scholarships, he or she will not be considered for any future scholarships offered by the Ministry.

e) The Ministry does not recommend that the scholarship period be extended.

06. Application:

You can apply online at https://foreignscholarships.mohe.gov.lk/.

b) The deadline for submitting an application is March 8, 2023.

c) Applicants should submit only one application via the online portal and not by mail.

d) No applications from permanent employees of the government sector, universities, or state corporations will be considered unless they are routed through the Head of the Institution in question.

e) Any statement in the application that is found to be incorrect/false will be disqualified at any time and the award will be withdrawn. Any submission that is incomplete or received late will be rejected.

07. Scholarship Nomination: 

I. No candidate should regard his or her nomination by this Ministry as an acceptance for the award. Acceptance is entirely at the discretion of the awarding agency to which the nomination is made. Selected candidates who decline the award after being nominated will not be considered for any other awards during the year.

II. As the awarding authority, the Government of India will make the final selections. As a result, no candidate should consider his or her nomination for a scholarship to be an acceptance for an award. Acceptance is entirely at the discretion of the granting authority.

III. Any form of canvassing, whether written or verbal, will disqualify you from receiving a scholarship.


Source - https://hcicolombo.gov.in/

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