Mahmoud S. Rabbani (MRS) Scholarship for Master’s or Ph.D Programme 2024 -2025 (Arab and Dutch nationals)

The application period of MOHAMED R. RABBINIC SCHOLARSHIP AWARD for the academic year 2024–2024 begins on 2024 January 2 and ends on March 31. 

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The Lutfia Rabbani Foundation's founder is recognised by the name of the Mahmoud S. Rabbani Scholarship. It is designed for either Dutch students who have been accepted into an Arab Master's or PhD programme or for Arab students who have received official acceptance into a Dutch Master's or PhD programme.

Along with encouraging interactions between Arab and European students, the purpose of this scholarship is to give students the tools they need to expand their own horizons. All fields of study are eligible for the award in accordance with the foundation's objective, and the main prerequisite is that applicants must be fluent in either the language of their programme or English.

The grant is intended for motivated students who are eager to strengthen links between these two regions.

Additionally, a mentorship programme that gives the scholarship recipient advice on a personal and professional level and gives them access to the Foundation's wide-ranging network of platforms strengthens the MSR scholarship.

Only candidates who have received a formal letter of acceptance will be given consideration for this scholarship.


The application period for the academic year 2024–2024 begins on 2024 January 2 and ends on March 31.


Who are eligible for MRS SCHOLARSHIP

The nations of Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, or Yemen must be represented among candidates. Dutch citizens must submit applications that originate in the Netherlands.

  • Arab students who have gotten an official acceptance letter for a Master's or Ph.D. programme in the Netherlands are eligible for the scholarship, as are Dutch students who have received an official acceptance letter for a Master's or Ph.D. programme in the Arab World.
  • If research is being done in a language other than English, the candidate should also be proficient in that language.


  • The costs associated with a Master's or PhD programme that have previously been carried out will not be supported retrospectively.
  • Only the intended programme of study at the academic institution listed in the application and only for the academic year for which the application is made are eligible for the Foundation's award.

Rules and Regulations of MRS SCHOLARSHIP

  • The signed terms and conditions form serves as a binding contract between the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation and the MSR scholar after the scholarship has been awarded and accepted.
  • A mid-year academic progress report that includes a rundown of the grades received so far is necessary.
  • The student must submit a report of his or her experience to the Board of the Foundation within two months after finishing the course of study.The Foundation Board retains the right to modify the report for communication needs.

Maximum A MSR scholarship 

its may be worth up to €15,000.

Standards for evaluation of MRS SCHOLARSHIP

  • academic excellence 
  • Personal development: Examining the potential impact the proposed field of study might have locally or on the applicant's future academic and professional development.
  • Strong drive to support the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation's mission of fostering Euro-Arab communication and understanding. need for finance


Necessary documents are

  • Motivation and purpose statement (in English) are required documents.
  • English-language curriculum vitae;
  • colour copy of a passport;
  • copies of certificates or degrees along with academic records (with English translation)
  • two recommendations, both in English and signed, from either academic or professional referees;
  • a letter of admission from the Dutch host university;
  • a description of the programme given by the host university in official academic terms;
  • Please include a thorough budget that includes all of the costs associated with attending school in the Netherlands for the academic year for which you are applying, including tuition and living expenses. 
  • For the academic year, a maximum of €15,000 may be given out. This budget template is usable.
        budget template can download here 
  • MSR Scholarship Application Form, signed and date (the form can be downloaded in the application portal).
        Application can download here 

Please visit  FAQs or email scholarships@rabbanifoundation.org with any more questions.

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