California 4-h scholarships Application 2023


About  California 4-h scholarships 2023 

Higher education advocacy is a priority for the UC 4-H Youth Development Program. Statewide scholarships are made available to graduating high school seniors and college students with the support of donors.

Although applicants are permitted to submit multiple applications, they are only qualified to receive one scholarship each year. Recipients of scholarships in the past may apply again.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the State Office makes an effort to verify donor funds before releasing this process, it is possible that some scholarships won't be given out due to a lack of funding from donors. Regardless, we strongly encourage applicants to apply.

Eligibility Requirements for  California 4-h scholarships 

  • a high school graduate or equivalent who has been admitted to or is currently enrolled in a higher education institution. Accredited universities, colleges, and vocational schools are examples of higher education institutions.
  • at the time of high school graduation or an equivalent event, such as receiving a General Education Diploma, enrolled in the UC 4-H Youth Development Program (GED)
  • at least half of the full-time course load as determined by the applicant's institution is enrolled or planned for enrollment.
  • As of December 31st of the application year, you cannot be older than 25.

California 4-h scholarships  Benefits :

Funds provided to scholarship awardees for qualified educational expenses (such as books, tuition, and other required fees) are not taxable to the recipient. Scholarship recipients must report the amount of money they received as taxable income to the IRS when they receive funds that can be used for non-qualified expenses.

The application survey is the same for all scholarships. Just one application must be submitted.

BEFORE beginning the online application, gather your materials and read the essay prompts.

Fill out this form just once. Recipients of scholarships in the past may apply again. The California State 4-H Office owns all submitted materials, which are then used for marketing and public relations activities. Before a check is issued, chosen candidates must complete a W-9 with their own Social Security number, a letter of gratitude to the donor, and a picture. 


Essays Verification of enrollment for the upcoming year or a 4-H resume transcript. (A letter of acceptance is insufficient.)

Google is the preferred URL link. Box.com, Dropbox.com, and other platforms of a similar nature are acceptable. Make sure that "anyone with the link can access" is selected for the link you provide.

Applications that are missing any of the aforementioned components won't be reviewed.

To ensure they are functional, double-check your links. Documents that are not accessible won't be evaluated.

A complete nondiscrimination policy statement can be found at http://ucanr.edu/sites/anrstaff/files/215244.pdf. It is the policy of the University of California (UC) and the UC Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources not to engage in discrimination against or harassment of any person in any of its programmes or activities. Contact UCANR, Affirmative Action Compliance & Title IX Officer, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources, 2801 Second Street, Davis, CA 95618, (530) 750-1343 with questions about ANR's anti-discrimination policies.

California 4-h scholarships Due Date :

11:59 p.m. on September 11, 2023


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