Japan HR Development Scholarships (JDS) for Developing Countries in Asia



The Japan Human Resource Development Scholarships (JDS) for Developing Countries in Asia is a comprehensive program providing fully-funded opportunities for academic research at Japanese higher educational institutions. Here's a detailed breakdown:


  • JDS Fellows:
  • Bangladesh, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Cambodia, Pakistan, Timor-Leste, Kyrgyz Republic, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Laos, Kenya, Vietnam, Maldives, and Senegal.

Field of Study

  • Varied Disciplines: Depending on the country, the supported fields include Public Administration, Business Administration, Economics and Finance, Law, Public Policy, International Relations, Information Technology, Industrial Development, and related fields.

Level of Study

  • Master's (MS) Degree: The JDS Program sends fellows to Japanese higher educational institutions to pursue a Master’s Degree.

Host Institute

  • Selected Universities in Japan: The scholarship is facilitated in collaboration with reputable Japanese universities.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Full Coverage: JDS is a fully-funded scholarship covering tuition fees, admission fees, traveling and seminar allowance, book allowance, arrival allowance, accommodation allowance, daily expenses, shipping allowance, etc.

Number of Awards

  • Varies: The number of awards provided each year varies.

Application Fee

  • No Application Fee: The application process does not incur any fees.

Language Proficiency

  • Japanese Language Skill: While Japanese language skill is not a requirement, applicants with any level of proficiency are welcome.


  • Return Obligation: JDS fellows are obligated to return to their country by the designated date after graduation, contributing to the socio-economic development with acquired knowledge and skills.

Application Start and Closing Date

  • Deadline: The deadline for the JDS Program is annually in September-November The next course starts in August-October of the following year.

How to Apply

Other Details

  • Support Services: JDS fellows receive comprehensive support, including air-ticket and visa arrangements, assistance in apartment search, and university entrance procedures.
Country list

Each country's specific JDS webpage, linked above, offers detailed information on eligibility, application procedures, and scholarship benefits, fostering academic excellence and leadership development in collaboration with Japanese higher educational institutions.

  • Bangladesh

  • Mongolia

  • Sri Lanka

  • Bhutan

  • Myanmar

  • Tajikistan

  • Cambodia

  • Pakistan

  • Timor-Leste

  • Kyrgyz Republic

  • Philippines

  • Uzbekistan

  • Laos

  • Republic of Kenya

  • Viet Nam

  • Maldives

  • Republic of Senegal

  • Conclusion

    The Japan Human Resource Development Scholarships (JDS) offer a golden opportunity for aspiring leaders and researchers from developing countries in Asia to pursue a Master's Degree in various fields in Japan. This fully-funded program not only covers academic expenses but also provides essential support throughout the journey, emphasizing the importance of returning to contribute to the development of fellows' home countries